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Our Story

Dedication and Service

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special. Become One Voice is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. With a variety of active projects and a dedicated volunteer staff, we harness our skills and resources to successfully achieve our goals.

Since our founding in 2014 by Erika, Rachel, Zion, & Morgan Smith, we have been proud to witness how our activities have benefitted the Bay area and Central Valley communities and beyond. Become One Voice has grown from the single family run nonprofit & expanded slightly but still keeping the core values it was founded on. Want to take part? Contribute to our work by donating or volunteering today!


Grant writer

Dr. Hayley Yasui

A docerate in education & a passion for animals, Hayleys input & drive invaluable for both missions of BOV & Wine Country Wildlife. 


Erika & her wonderful children Rachel, Zion, & Morgan

What started around a kitchen table has grown to support so many. With a focus now on wildlife & further education BOV is forever thankful for this family who strived to be THE VOICE. 

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